The superior product of the company is methanethiol, Sodium salt with the monthly shipment of 1000 tons.
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Methanethiol,sodium salt
4-Nitrotoluene-2-sulphonic aci
4-Chlorophenylacetic acid
Tert-butyl ethyl malonate
2-Chloro-3-Bromo Pyridine
2,2'-Dithiosalicylic acid
Propylene glycol methyl ether
Ethyl acetate
Acetic acid

Founded in 2008, Zhenjiang Xiangyun Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in the historic city Zhenjiang, 70KM from Nanjing in the west, 2 hours' distance to Shanghai by Huning Expressway in the east, Yangzhou-Liyang Expressway runs through it, it is easy of access.

The company specializes in chemical trade with dangerous chemicals business certificate. The superior product of the company is methanethiol, sodium salt with the monthly shipment of 1000 tons. Meanwhile, the company also engages in the sales of chemical raw materials, chemical reagents, imported chemical raw materials, pesticide intermediates, food additives, organic synthesis intermediates, fine chemicals, and we can offer breakbulk and inner packing services.

Our objective is: to survive on quality, gain trust by integrity, develop by mutual benefit, and strive to provide the clients with stable and excellent service on the basis of high-quality service, competitive price and reliable products.

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